Detecting Identity-Based Threats with the AlienApp for Okta

USM Anywhere is one of the few truly cloud-native security monitoring solutions built to centrally monitor both cloud and on-premises environments. Many cloud-savvy organizations that rely on USM Anywhere to monitor their Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure environments also use Okta as their identity and access management solution. Today, we introduced a new AlienApp for Okta that enables you to monitor user activities and detect threats against your Okta account directly from USM

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Managing Pseudonyms with Compartmentalization: Identity Management of Personas

The Need for Identity Management“Everything is circumstantial,” this saying is especially applicable to the creation of every individual persona that we make. When there is something that we would like to achieve, we may create a persona specifically tailored to the requirements needed to accomplish said goal, as simple or complex as the goal may be. Fabricating identities is a popular tactic among the spy craft industry, and for good reason: it works.While fabricated personas

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Authentifizierung über Sprachbiometrie

Einfacher, schneller und sicherer – eine neue Art der Authentifizierung über Sprachbiometrie erleichtert Kunden und Mitarbeitern in Contact und Service Centern die Identifizierung übers Telefon. Anders als mit der herkömmlichen Authentifizierung über Passwörter oder Kundennummern geschieht Real Time Authentication über spezielle Software in Sekundenschnelle automatisch im Hintergrund und gilt dabei als nahezu fälschungssicher. Denn das Stimmprofil eines Menschen ist einzigartig und lässt sich nicht kopieren.

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