Fallout from Equifax breach will hit banks hardest

Not only will banks be on the hook for counterfeit loans to identity thieves, but they will likely lose loan volume, and ultimately revenue, from changes in consumer behavior.

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Neue Methoden gegen Phishing-Angriffe

Täuschend echt gestaltete Phishing E-Mails sind für Cyberkriminelle kaum mehr ein Problem. Gefälschte Nachrichten von Banken, Mobilfunkunternehmen und Onlinehändler sind die bevorzugten Vehikel für Keylogger-Malware und Ransomware. Immer öfter setzen die Cyber-Gangster aber auch auf vermeintlich echte E-Mails von Behörden wie BSI oder Finanzamt.

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How Hackers Manipulate Email to Defraud You and Your Customers

Internet fraud is one of the most common motivators of cybercrime. Millions of dollars are stolen every year from victims who are tricked into initiating wire transfer payments through social engineering tactics and computer breaches. This is typically accomplished using one of three methods: business email compromise (BEC), email account compromise (EAC), and spoofing.All three of these methods can be attempted against any organization that relies on email for communication. Being a smaller

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